Our Technology Approach

Building Lifetime Solutions

At ActionKPI, we help integrate leading technology seamlessly into your Performance Management strategy. As finance and accounting experts, we know what technology can most benefit your business, and we make sure any solutions we suggest truly work for you. What’s more, we aren’t affiliated with any particular vendor, so we can focus on finding the system that best fits your needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you integrate the best technology solution for enhanced profitability.

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IBM Business Analytics

Being able to turn data into a solid business strategy is key to uncovering and reaching your goals. IBM Business Analytics offers solutions in automation, alerts, predictive models, and decision optimization. The result is informed decision-making for enhanced profitability and efficiency. As IBM Business Partners we are experts in the IBM suite of products and we always leverage the latest cutting edge technology.


IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. With flexible modeling and real-time analytics, all of your key users can plan and collaborate efficiently

  • Features:

  • — Integration with SAP, Oracle, IBM TM1 and others

  • — On-cloud, on-premise – or both

  • — Real-time predictive insights

IBM Watson Analytics

Do you want to understand your customers’ interactions across social media? More than simple keyword tracking, IBM Watson Analytics provides valuable context around mentions of your brand. You’ll get the insight you need for deeper marketing decisions.

  • Features:

  • — Advanced text analytics

  • — Context-based sentiment analysis

  • — Insight from underexplored sources

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics provides self-serve business intelligence for organizations. With Cognos' customizable dashboards and an intuitive interface, you can monitor, explore, and share insights into your data. Get analytics you can trust for confident action. 

  • Features:

  • — Direct reporting from data sources 

  • — Integrated, governed environment 

  • — Controls in place to protect data



Does your organization need to be more connected? Anaplan is a revolutionary cloud-based modeling and planning tool that links your entire business. From finance to sales to supply chain and more, Anaplan encourages holistic decision-making.

Connect & Inform

Anaplan puts the planning power back inyour hands. Powerful and user-friendly, you can connect data, people, and plans at any level. Whether you want to collaborate on enterprise-wide processes or model a single use case, you’ll get the well-rounded data you need.

  • Features:

  • — Instant updates and results 

  • — Pre-built or customized solutions

  • — Minimal IT support needed

Microsoft Power BI

Get company-wide data insight with Microsoft Power BI. Employees in any area of your business can create, access, and distribute relevant data and analysis. Reveal the critical knowledge you need today.

Bright Insight to analytics

Wherever your data is, your entire organization can create interactive and visual reports easily. Microsoft PowerBI analytics tools allow you to connect to hundreds of data sources.


Create compelling reports, interactive visualizations, and custom dashboards inminutes.

  • Features:

  • — Connect to any data source, anywhere

  • — Interactive and customizable reports

  • — Mobile and desktop capability