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7 -  April  - 2020

IBM | Embrace, Not Replace, Excel

You don’t have to give up the familiarity and popularity spreadsheets entirely as a part of your financial planning toolbox, but you can embrace new ways to leverage it for large-scale uses with the IBM Planning Analytics for Excel.

Many planning professionals, whether in finance or line-of-business roles, have a love/hate relationship with their spreadsheets. They love the flexibility and the familiarity of a tool that’s been around for decades. But when they try to use spreadsheets for large-scale planning and performance management, multiple issues arise. Errors creep in when data is keyed in or numbers are cut and pasted from one cell to another. Version control is a nightmare. And when users want to include more participants in the process—a well-established best practice in planning—the process can become cumbersome and unwieldy.

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