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IPVS Agility Track Part 3: The Modern P&L Performance Review, Chapter 1

Getting to the root of profit erosion can be difficult. Too often, the opportunity to change our fate has passed us, by the time we realize where the loss has occurred. When the key insights we need are locked away in our data, we cannot act with agility to change a negative result into a positive outcome.

In this video we demonstrate how Dynamic Services Inc., is able to uncover real time Insights around what’s driving P&L performance for one division, and then quickly locate the specific revenue stream that is driving down margins.

IPVS Series: The Integrated Planning Video Series is designed to show you how Modern Finance and Integrated Planning can help us transform our data into insight, and insight into actionable plans and performance.

IPVS Agility Track: Demonstrates how you can quickly move from data to insight, and insight to action to truly steer business performance.

IPVS Speed Track: Demonstrates how to automate the complexity and non-value added activities that contribute to lengthy and manual budgeting and forecasting cycles.

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