Easily Understand Profitability of Each Customer.

Using ActionKPI’s Customer Profitability Solution for Services, you can now optimize how you analyze and plan each customer account so you can ensure what you are working on, works for your business not against it.

Stop making unprofitable customer decisions. 

Not all customers are equally profitable. More time is spent on problematic customers to increase service levels but the consequence is decreased margins & loss-making customers. Our Customer Profitability Solution increases profit margins and leads to a higher ROI by identifying profitability and potential projected growth of each customer & prospect; enhancing strategies to target profitable customers, leveraging information to enhance negotiations and protecting margins against loss-making customers

Identify which customers and prospects the sales team should focus on


Reduce sales effort on low-margin (non-strategic) customers


Drop loss-making customers - achieve instant increase in profitability

What Our Clients Have to Say About Working With Us:

“Working with ActionKPI has given us the ability to use data to make decisions in real time. Analysis that used to take 4 days, now takes minutes. As Business Partners, our FPA team is in a position to signal risk around things like inventory and mill profitability, forecasting based on MBF/species using production capacity actuals. They are great partners that are always there for us when we need them.”

Dan Redmond

Director, FP&A, Idaho Forest Group

Introducing The

Customer Profitability Solution

Drill down on each customer using a tailored P&L statement by customer, prospect, region and line of business. Learn about the benefits of the solution below:

Increased Sales Proficiency

Divert sales efforts from low-margin accounts to profitable customers and reduce wasted efforts. By incorporating customer profitability analysis into account planning activities, organizations become more focused on driving profitability.

Establish Better Pricing and Cost Control

Maximize margins by reviewing tailored Profit & Loss statements collectively with all departments. Ensure customers are priced accordingly, discount policies are adhered to, costs and customer charges are effectively managed and payment terms are enforced.

Increase Accountability

Manage the supply chain at a deeper level and increase accountability across your organization. Report on your most and least profitable customers with the ability to define and rank customers based on their profitability and growth potential.

Integrate with Core Systems

Integrate directly with your CRM and other source systems to automate data flow and reduce the amount of manual entry and analysis needed. Create efficiencies for your account team so they can focus on what matters most.

Outcomes You Can Count On:

Maximize Profitability

Run what-if scenarios and better plan for changing policies, product mix and pricing. 

Enhance Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Incorporate market information to project market size and identify share-of-wallet for existing customers and prospects to target profitable market segments. 

Protect Profit Margins

Develop policies to reduce or eliminate the burden of loss-making customers. 

Why Us?

Implementation Done By CPAs

Our team of CPAs combine technology mastery with data wizardry and deep financial knowledge to truly drive optimal results.

Training Beyond The Product

Transfer our knowledge and skillsets to your team to empower future growth outside of simply showing your team what buttons to push.

Profit Insight Approach

This helps put profit-hunting behaviour at the heart of your organization. Shift your finance team from score-keepers to value integrators.

Our Non-Negotiable Promises To You

This is what it is like to work with us: 


On-Call Support


Useful Dashboards & Visualizations


User-First Development


Trusted Advisors & Frank Assessments


Access to Consultancy Teams As You Need Them


Quality Service

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