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Revolutionizing Forestry: Advanced Business Planning with ActionKPI & IBM

September 14, 2023 @ 7:00 am - 9:30 am

Have you ever felt that comprehensive company-wide planning and forecasting is a pipe dream? That a business case delivering robust ROI within a palatable timeframe is unattainable? While such challenges may have plagued the forest industry in the past, ActionKPI and IBM are turning the tide.

Join us for an immersive event, where we share our successful case study with one of the largest Lumber producers in the United States. We’ve bridged the gap between theoretical planning and practical, ROI-driven decision-making, resulting in impactful outcomes across the value chain:

Resources: Empower your resource teams with a deeper understanding of production demand. This insight enables strategic decisions on parcel bidding, species harvesting, and mill delivery planning.

Production: Equip your production teams with real-time visibility into incoming logs and outgoing lumber. This data-driven approach informs cut scheduling, product planning, risk mitigation, and workforce optimization.

Sales: Offer your sales teams an advanced view of finished inventory and timelines, ensuring a smooth transition from production to the customer’s hands.

FP&A: Harness the power of driver-based forecasting to improve your company’s contribution margin. Use historical sales and production rates to predict future product trends and revenue.

Our five-step journey offers a comprehensive look at how unified planning and forecasting can revolutionize your forestry business. If our content sparks your curiosity, reach out to us. We would be thrilled to demonstrate the robust framework ActionKPI has developed with IBM, driving transformation across the Forest Products business planning. Let’s shape the future of the forest industry together.


ActionKPI & IBM