Calgary: May 14th   |   Vancouver: May 16th

The CFO & CIO Alliance: Planning for AI Investments

Calgary Event

Date: May 14th 2023
Location: IBM Office
Address: 227 11 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB T2R 1R9
Cost: Free

Vancouver Event

Date: May 16th 2023
Location: BREWHALL
Address: 97 East 2nd Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1B3
Cost: Free

Event Description:

AI is changing how business is conducted and is opening new opportunities for organizations across all industries. However, for most, AI technology may seem new and out of reach.

Join us for a drink over happy hour where we will demystify how businesses can leverage AI to create efficiencies, decrease costs and improve performance. This practical discussion will reveal accessible AI use cases for businesses of any scale, highlighting pathways to kickstart your AI journey.

As part of the event, we will unravel how the CFO and CIO can collaborate and work together to evaluate the effectiveness of AI investments and champion profitable outcomes for their organizations.

This event promises to equip finance and IT professionals with the knowledge and tools to confidently the overall impact of AI initiatives, ultimately driving their organizations toward a more innovative and data-driven future.

Secure your spot now and join a community of leaders ready to harness the transformative power of AI.

Who Should Attend This Event:

· Business Leaders and Executives within Finance and IT

· Finance and Planning Teams

· IT Professionals & Data Architects

· Anyone interested in harnessing the power of AI


AI in the Real World – A Story of the Grammys

Learn how IBM collaborated with The Grammys to create a cutting-edge AI content engine. This session focuses on the challenges faced, the deployment of WatsonX, and the tangible outcomes of the AI implementation.

AI for Every Business – Making the Leap with WatsonX

Think AI is out of reach? Think again. We’ll break down the myth that AI is only for the giants like The Grammys. This practical discussion will reveal accessible AI use cases for businesses at any scale, highlighting pathways to kickstart your AI journey.

AI Impact, A Collaborative Forecast

Join forces to visualize the impact of AI on your bottom line with a live Planning Analytics demonstration. Learn how to navigate complex scenarios and forecast with ease, empowering your teams to craft plans that pave the way for informed data-driven decisions.

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