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We help complex organizations create clarity by unifying people, data and decision-making through integrated planning technologies. 

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Frustrated By|Stressed AboutInefficient Planning?

  • NWorking late nights due to manual processes
  • NFinding mistakes too late before a big presentation
  • NTriple checking spreadsheets & reports
  • NNot enough time for meaningful analysis
  • NChasing colleagues for crucial information

Experiencing Symptoms of Disconnected Planning?

Doubting the Accuracy of Your Plans

Navigating Siloed Planning Processes

Reactive vs Proactive Planning

Struggling to Trust Your Forecasts

Unreliable Data For Decision Making

Manual Processes with Limited Collaboration

Streamline Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting With

The integrated profitability Solution

Our Clients Say It Best

Dan Testimonial

“With The Integrated Profitability Solution, we now have a completely emotionless forecast. And working with ActionKPI it’s only going to be more accurate in the future. It’s also a major comfort to have such a big name like IBM running in the back end.”

Dan Redmond

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Idaho Forest Group

Ken Testimonial

“We really used to be an organization where the finance team only spoke to finance statements at the end of the month. We changed that dynamic… the operational leads actually talk to their financial statements and senior management can now probe to further understand what is going on in the business and provide greater insights to management above.”

Ken Teuling

Chief Financial Officer, Services Industry

Mervin Testimonial

“One of the beautiful things about working with ActionKPI is you get a team of actual management accountants who understand the financial processes, KPIs and what matters from a reporting perspective.  You can put them in front of a business user with confidence, knowing they will interact at a professional level, earn their trust, and use their technical skills to turn business problems and challenges into a solution.”

Mervin Van der Spuy

Data & AI Lead, Midstream Oil & Gas

Long Testimonial

“It was such a foundational change to how we looked at the budgets – from a manual upload of data that is a month old or even a quarter old to every night. It changed the speed at which we can make decisions & see what is happening. Before, a lot of decisions were made behind closed doors. Now, the university has moved to integrated planning so it is very inclusive. Almost every budget holder is involved in the process versus just finance.”

Long Huynh

Director of Decision Support, Athabasca University

Reid Testimonial

“It was fantastic, and you guys were great to work with… I really enjoyed the process and I love where we are at. I think it tees us up for the kind of work that we want to be doing to find different ways to add value to the business and ways to find value to provide to our clients. That part has me really excited for what’s coming next.”

Reid McDougall

Vice President, Services Industry

Orkut Testimonial

“The main challenge that existed before we worked with ActionKPI is we lacked the Business Intelligence to make sense of all the data we have available.”

Orkut Polat

COO, Hospitality & Gaming

John Testimonial

“It’s been awesome and as we are ending our budget cycle for 2022, it’s been huge having that data as we have been moving along. That alone has been amazing. ”

John Galleher

Vice President, Services Industry

Services Designed to Create Clarity

Effective planning systems are not “one-size fits all”, which is why we take a tailored approach with each of our clients. We have developed services to help create efficiencies in all stages of planning, budgeting & forecasting.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory services focus on 3 main buckets, that are all interconnected:

Data & Architecture – Is your data providing value to your business?

Performance-based Reporting – Are you measuring the right metrics?

Integrated Business Planning – Is your team planning by using the same information?

System Design & Implementation

Where rubber meets the road. The roadmap is defined, now its time to execute.

Data Warehousing & Integrations – On prem, Cloud, Hybrid, your systems can live anywhere but you still need a centralized repository for reporting. We’ll help you get set up!

Business Intelligence – You’re ready to implement a new BI tool, or expand the capability of your current tool. PowerBI, Cognos Analytics, Tableau – we’ve got you covered.

FP&A and xP&A – Whether you’re starting off with modernizing your budget/forecast process or ready for Beyond Budgeting and Operational P&Ls, let’s introduce you to one of our Profitability Architects.

Training & User Enablement

You’ve built an airplane, but your solutions are only successful if your team knows how to fly. We listen to the frustrations and lean in on the user experience to ensure your investment in technology delivers the expected return.

Managed Support Services

You’re operating a lean team and need specific expertise or maybe your team is at capacity and could use some support in maintaining systems and fulfilling enhancement requests. If you need a bit of extra support, we are here to help. 

How To Get Started

1. Share Your Frustrations

Set up a time to chat with us to share your frustrations with your current planning process, we'd love to hear about what is stressful or high effort to see where we can help.

2. We'll Show How We've Helped In Similar Scenarios

We've seen issues of all kinds and sizes when it comes to inefficient & disconnected planning processes. Let us show how we've helped out in similar scenarios and see if there are commonalities.

3. We'll Align Your Specific Needs to a Plan

After we've found commonalities and fully understood your concerns, we will build a tailored plan to address and improve your planning processes.

4. If It's The Right Fit, We'll Get To Work

Once we've found alignment and all of your questions have been answered, we will hand-pick the best-suited consultants to begin working to improve your planning processes.

Client Success|Transformation|Improvement|Satisfaction Stories

Wood Products:

Transforming Planning and Forecasting for a Large US Forest Products Producer

Higher Education:

Gaining Transparency & Trust Through Integrated Business Planning

Oil & Gas:

Transforming Financial Data Management & Business Intelligence


We help organizations create transformational change in the way they analyze, report, and act on performance.

Clients who work with us benefit from increased revenue and profits, thousands of hours saved in planning, and smarter, profit-focused activities across the business.