We help organizations create transformational outcomes by changing the way they analyze, report and, act on performance.


We have reframed and rebuilt our habits away from the Excel way of life to focus on profit-seeking activities that go beyond the P&L, linking economic profit to operational performance. We help you do the same.

As business consultants, our expertise is built on a finance-first foundation, supported by decades of leveraging technology to increase profit margins for our clients.


Why We exist

ActionKPI was born out of the frustration that in every finance department we worked in we faced the same limitations.

Instead of analyzing our data and being able to trust it as the foundation for our actions & decisions, we spent countless hours fixing and re-engineering spreadsheets, worrying about errors, and debating data validity. As finance professionals, we felt stuck.

We saw that technology alone was not fixing the problem and there was an opportunity to transform XP&A, to help finance departments earn a strategic seat at the table of their organization. We do this through the Integrated Profitability Program.

we partner with our clients to:


  • Unlock hidden profit potential
  • Eliminate profit eroding activities
  • Transform teams and individuals into Profitability Architects using the Integrated Profitability Program 

our clients  benefit from:


  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Thousands of hours saved in finance 
  •  Smarter, profit-focused activities across the business

actionkpi’s core pillars of transformational change


We train and up-skill finance teams to move away from Excel reliance to think multidimensionally, hunt profit, and challenge the status quo, relying on a foundation of trusted data from an integrated, automated platform.


We reinforce great processes and improve ones that are performing poorly, automating unnecessary manual effort, while speeding up the delivery of insights to get them into the hands of those who need them.


We build trusted data platforms, connecting cross-functional data to provide a single source of truth that the business can leverage to forecast and plan collaboratively, helping overcome the limitations of Excel, in order to drive more profitable decisions.


From our clients

“We really used to be an organization where the finance team only spoke to finance statements at the end of the month. We changed that dynamic… the operational leads actually talk to their financial statements and senior management can now probe to further understand what is going on in the business and provide greater insights to management above.”

Ken Teuling

Chief Financial Officer , Services Industry

“It was fantastic, and you guys were great to work with… I really enjoyed the process and I love where we are at. I think it tees us up for the kind of work that we want to be doing to find different ways to add value to the business and ways to find value to provide to our clients. That part has me really excited for what’s coming next.”

Reid McDougall

VP , Services Industry

It’s been awesome and as we are ending our budget cycle for 2022, it’s been huge having that data as we have been moving along. That alone has been amazing. 

John Galleher

VP, Services Industry

“The main challenge that existed before we worked with ActionKPI is we lacked the Business Intelligence to make sense of all the data we have available.”

Orkut Polat

COO, Hospitality & Gaming Industry

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