The FP&A Accelerator PRogram

A program designed for FP&A teams who want to move from spreadsheet-based planning to a financial planning tool to improve the bottom line.

A no obligation implementation, only pay when the ROI has been proven

We will implement the system to align with your business processes and you will only be charged if you are satisfied and would like to continue using and developing the software.

Benchmark the current state of FP&A at your organization

Our benchmarking survey is used to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within your FP&A processes.

Training and enablement on the software

Your team will receive software training from our dedicated training manager to learn the fundamentals before we start implementation.

Development of a business case

Throughout the program, our team will help build and solidify a business case for you to evaluate the ROI of the implementation. This process also includes building a customized roadmap for integrated planning at your organization.

Software implementation

Our team of CPA/CMAs will work with your team to install and setup the software to align with your business processes.

Why work with actionkpi

Pre-Built Accelerator Catalog

Our software, The Integrated Profitability Solution, leverages pre-built, customizable accelerators that decrease the time to value after implementation. From the start, planning models are 80% complete and require minor adjustments to be tailored to your unique processes.

Implementation by CPA/CMAs

Our team of management accountants understands the intricacies of business planning and strives to help our clients unlock the value within their existing data, unlike other technology focused firms.

Ongoing Support & Updates

You don’t have to worry about updates and technical support. We work with your team every month to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Connect to every system

Ask us how the built-in ETL connects to any ERP, CRM, HCM or operational system, no matter how unique it is.

Our Clients Say It Best

Dan Testimonial

“With The Integrated Profitability Solution, we now have a completely emotionless forecast. And working with ActionKPI it’s only going to be more accurate in the future. It’s also a major comfort to have such a big name like IBM running in the back end.”

Dan Redmond

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Idaho Forest Group

Ken Testimonial

“We really used to be an organization where the finance team only spoke to finance statements at the end of the month. We changed that dynamic… the operational leads actually talk to their financial statements and senior management can now probe to further understand what is going on in the business and provide greater insights to management above.”

Ken Teuling

Chief Financial Officer, Services Industry

Mervin Testimonial

“One of the beautiful things about working with ActionKPI is you get a team of actual management accountants who understand the financial processes, KPIs and what matters from a reporting perspective.  You can put them in front of a business user with confidence, knowing they will interact at a professional level, earn their trust, and use their technical skills to turn business problems and challenges into a solution.”

Mervin Van der Spuy

Data & AI Lead, Midstream Oil & Gas

Long Testimonial

“It was such a foundational change to how we looked at the budgets – from a manual upload of data that is a month old or even a quarter old to every night. It changed the speed at which we can make decisions & see what is happening. Before, a lot of decisions were made behind closed doors. Now, the university has moved to integrated planning so it is very inclusive. Almost every budget holder is involved in the process versus just finance.”

Long Huynh

Director of Decision Support, Athabasca University

Reid Testimonial

“It was fantastic, and you guys were great to work with… I really enjoyed the process and I love where we are at. I think it tees us up for the kind of work that we want to be doing to find different ways to add value to the business and ways to find value to provide to our clients. That part has me really excited for what’s coming next.”

Reid McDougall

Vice President, Services Industry

Orkut Testimonial

“The main challenge that existed before we worked with ActionKPI is we lacked the Business Intelligence to make sense of all the data we have available.”

Orkut Polat

COO, Hospitality & Gaming

John Testimonial

“It’s been awesome and as we are ending our budget cycle for 2022, it’s been huge having that data as we have been moving along. That alone has been amazing. ”

John Galleher

Vice President, Services Industry

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