Integrated Business Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 is an enterprise planning solution built for modern business needs. Using this powerful tool, organizations can automate tedious processes and transform financial information into actionable strategies through an intelligent and user-focused environment. Planning Analytics is the only solution we choose for Integrated Business Planning.

What is Planning Analytics/TM1 and Why Do We Use It?

IBM TM1 or Planning Analytics is an industry-leading financial planning & forecasting tool. It enables organizations to plan and forecast in real time, automating various manual effort tasks to improve your team’s capacity to focus on performance analytics and improve strategic decision making.

Customization & Process Built Applications

Design and implement a planning solution that works for business strategy, requirements and processes. Planning Analytics provides customization and working with ActionKPI ensures your implementation is focused and customized to transform your business & empower users.

All In One Automated Solution

While Excel can be a great tool for simple calculations & showcasing rows & columns, Planning Analytics enables your organization to integrate all of the organization’s data into one place and automate processes so your team is focused on driving strategic decisions.

Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid

Planning Analytics has licenses and deployment options that are flexible for your needs, whether you have on-premise mandates or want to utilize the power and flexibility of the cloud.

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Why Does Planning Analytics Stand Out from Other Planning Solutions?

Historical Knowledge of IBM is Unmatched

IBM has an extensive background in developing enterprise solutions and is always looking to innovate and improve the value of their software. Their software sets the standard for enterprise solutions and their organization isn’t looking for additional funding or controlled by private equity, so you know they are working directly for their users.

Unleash the power of the TM1/Planning Analytics Ecosystem

Dont get stuck paying high prices for proprietary and “all in one” technology where there are no resources in the market to help you. IBM PA has collective IP around Planning Analytics and a community of industry behind them to help customers get the most out of their investment.

The product roadmap is geared towards innovation & increased user value

TM1/Planning analytics has evolved to a point where it is utilizing AI powered by Watson, is available on-premise or within the cloud and IBM is focused on improving this already powerful planning solution.

Built For The Whole Organization

Planning Analytics breaks down business unit siloes so you can quickly create more accurate plans and forecasts for FP&A, sales and supply chain and beyond. Pivot in real-time, accelerate decision making and drive higher performance, all at the speed of modern business.

Integration Beyond The Office of Finance:

From top down to bottom up, Planning Analytics enables direct integration of data sources automating the data collection process. By extracting the operational drivers from various business functions, leaders can improve strategic decision-making.

ActionKPI has a unique approach and experience integrating with many industry software applications to make the integration process seamless & streamlined.

Need Help With This Process?

Software is only 20% of the answer.

The 80% is the HOW

How you implement, who you work with, how you train your team and how you embed better process into the fabric of day to day life play a large impact in the success of a solution roll out. Here is why ActionKPI is a trusted advisor to help you unlock the power of Planning Analytics & profitability in your organization:

Profitability Architects

Our team of CPAs combine technology mastery with data wizardry and deep financial knowledge to truly drive optimal results. 

Training Beyond The Product

Transfer our knowledge and skillsets to your team to empower future growth outside of simply showing your team what buttons to push.

Profit Insight Approach

This helps put profit-hunting behaviour at the heart of your organization. Shift your finance team from score-keepers to value integrators.

Learn more about Planning Analytics & ActionKPI by viewing our service industry case study.

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