Integrated Planning for Greater Route Profitability & Performance

Route analysis and lane profitability can be difficult to analyze. Inaccurate accruals on fuel surcharges, falling short on load counts, clients producing less loads then expected, not to mention inaccuracies within the excel calculations or versions we are utilizing to drive decision optimization on jobs. Reducing deadheads and driving higher utilization of assets is not only key, it’s critical. When our data is locked away in siloes, we cannot perform variance analysis with the speed and agility required to drive good decisions on the front lines.

Performance analysis is incredibly dynamic for a transport company. With today’s exponential data growth, market volatility, and velocity of change, it’s time to re-think traditional Route Analysis and make decisions faster and with more confidence. AI-infused planning and analytics can drive down costs while driving up accuracy.

Join IBM Gold Partner, ActionKPI on October 20th, and learn how Integrated Planning can:

1) Automate manual tasks to reduce planning cycles and increase forecast accuracy.
2) Easily identify and optimize the most profitable Jobs, lanes, routes, rounders, and customers.
3) Test multiple business scenarios, and immediately see the financial impact of alternative courses of action.
4) React with agility to changing market conditions. Reduce Deadheads and unprofitable routes.
5) Support decision-making and strategic planning across the organization.


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About Action KPI

ActionKPI is a Performance Management Company specialized in Modern Finance, Integrated Planning, and Data Sciences. Our team of Profitability Architects (CMA’s / CPA’s) adds more speed, agility, foresight, and collaboration to the planning process for the enterprises we serve. We have taken our passion, and mastery of finance, and flipped the model for the modern financial professional on its head. We realized that as financial professionals ourselves, nobody entered this arena to toil away on procuring data, building systems, and entrenching processes alone. Analysis of business, strategy, and ultimately Action, is what drives real change. The other things… critical means to a prized end. So, we always ask, “Is there a better way, and can it be easier?”

How We Can Help

Integrated Planning for the Modern Finance Professional


Finance teams can’t be agile with a manual, error-prone, and fragmented financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process. In order to take Action in real time, you need the ability to synthesize information from all data sources, deliver insights, and turn Insight into integrated plans faster than ever.

Corporate Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Operational Planning

Strategic Planning


Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve margins…easier said than done with manual tools and siloed business processes. A single source of truth is vital for accurate planning. Easy-to-use data visualization, flexible plans that adapt to market demands, and fast what-if scenario assessments are crucial.

Supply Chain Planning

S&OP Planning

Capacity & Inventory


Marketing teams can be fragmented and disconnected from sales. This can lead to misalignment with overall marketing goals and misallocated spend on the wrong elements of the marketing mix. Unite silos with one source of truth. Build dynamic plans, with deep insight, that align to both marketing and organizational objectives.

Promotion Planning

Revenue Planning

Profitability Analysis

Human Resources

Workforce planning in spreadsheets is time-consuming and constraining. It’s often necessary to implement changes and make updates to plans across multiple worksheets, which can be complicated and have a high risk of error. Align HR, Finance, and Operations from a central repository of information. Link departmental needs with organizational objectives.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Optimization

Salary and Compensation Planning


A misalignment between finance, marketing, and sales leads to investment in the wrong initiatives and missed opportunities. Integrate your teams to create a 360° view of your data. Make better decisions about territory planning and quota assignments. Identify resource gaps quickly so that you can connect sales-capacity needs with HR recruiting.


Quato Planning

GTM & Strategy