In this article, you’ll find a tool (linked at the bottom) that will help you start to diagnose where your Planning Analytics environment could be optimized.

With the start to the new year underway, we have been involved in a lot of conversations with our clients about a certain topic:

The Recession.

With that conversation comes potential plans to cut costs, lay off portions of the workforce and halt any strategic investments to make it through the downturn.

Cost-cutting can be a quick and (sometimes) simple way to reduce pressure on working capital and appeal to shareholder demands. However, a short-term gain can often lead to longer-term pain. Cost cutting can cause significant consequences in other areas such as employee burnout, retention and bottlenecked processes which can negatively impact performance and profitability.   

We have found one thing that remains true in any market condition, and especially in a recession, which is the need for accurate and timely information to make strong strategic decisions.

Instead of cost-cutting being the mandated mindset in times of uncertainty we believe there is a better approach:


Be more strategic, accurate, and effective in analyzing data, planning, and forecasting to drive better decision-making in times of uncertainty. 

Planning Analytics should be the platform driving the strategic decisions and actions that help you weather the storm and realize both short- and long-term gains.  

If that isn’t true for you, there are optimizations to make to the software and your processes in order to achieve valuable outcomes.

Download the optimization checklist or click the link below to take our online benchmarking assessment to begin optimizing your environment.

Written By Mitch Weir

Mitch is a Strategic Advisor at ActionKPI. On a day-to-day basis he helps our team and our client’s drive more profitable activities in their business, freeing finance from the shackles of Excel Hell and helping them navigate the complex integrated business planning journey with a proven robust framework. He aims to help others avoid these challenges, so if you’re always asking “Is there a better way, and can it be easier?” Please send him any questions you have.