Does your team value the investment you are making in Planning Analytics or do you feel you are paying too much for something your team is underutilizing? If your team is not “raving” about Planning Analytics, then there are significant optimizations to make.



TM1/Planning Analytics has always been an extremely powerful tool, but time and time again we see it underutilized. 

This happens over time when best practice isn’t followed, skills aren’t refreshed and the latest versions aren’t adopted. 

Enormous potential goes to waste


Low User Adoption


Poor Product Sentiment Outside of the Development Team


Models Not Developed Beyond Finance


Excel Reporting Still Heavily Relied On


Did you know AncestryDNA is forecasting and scenario planning instantaneously using Planning Analytics?

With 51 quintillion data points, analysts at Ancestry quickly need to derive insights from their expansive data sets which used to take hours to run a calculation and forecasting took weeks. Now with Planning Analytics, this is in real-time and the value has extended into other areas such as workforce and supply chain.

How Should Planning Analytics Be Working For You?

Highly Skilled & Engaged Team

A workforce that knows how to utilize the power of TM1 to improve and optimize day-to-day decisions that roll up to achieve long-term strategic goals.

Intuitive, Engaging & Highly Practical

A platform that is user-friendly, with data that is trusted. Teams are able to use the product on the fly to analyze, forecast and make decisions without needing to revert to Excel.

Dependable Insights

Clarity across the organization and a single source of truth that leadership can depend on. Your team knows which reports & tools to rely on to access the right information at the right time. 

Beyond Finance

A truly integrated business that drives real economic profit. A finance team that is able to act as valuable partners to the business, powered by IBM Planning Analytics. 



What are the steps you can take to improve your system? 


Make sure your system has a good checkup! Audit your system, where you are right now and where you would like to be.


Audit your team’s skills, confidence & competence levels to benchmark internal capabilities & build an up-skilling program.


Make sure you are up to speed with the latest & greatest capabilities of TM1 and ensure they are integrated across your system.

Need Help With This Process?

Why Us?

We help you get more out of the investment that you have already made. 

Profit Insight Approach

This puts TM1 at the heart of your organization making it a critical function to the entire business and integrated planning process. 

Profitability Architects

Our team of CPAs combine TM1 mastery with data wizardry and deep financial knowledge to truly drive optimal usage. 

Long-Term Vision

We help you build sustainably for the future.

Training Beyond The Product

Transfer our knowledge and skillsets to your team to empower future growth outside of simply showing your team what buttons to push. 

Book With One of Our Experts, Mitch.

Book a meeting Mitch to better understand how ActionKPI can assist in transforming your experience with Planning Analytics.


What People Are Saying

We really used to be an organization where the finance team only spoke to finance statements at the end of the month. We changed that dynamic… the operational leads actually talk to their financial statements and senior management can now probe to further understand what is going on in the business and provide greater insights to management above.

Ken Teuling

Chief Financial Officer, Services Industry

It was fantastic, and you guys were great to work with… I really enjoyed the process and I love where we are at. I think it tees us up for the kind of work that we want to be doing to find different ways to add value to the business and ways to find value to provide to our clients. That part has me really excited for what’s coming next.

Reid McDougall

VP, Services Industry

Listen to 3 different perspectives within one organization on the value of integrated business planning in action.

CFO: Tackling the 140-tab budget/forecast spreadsheet problem to creating operational ownership of the P&L forecast

Vice President: Driving performance and managing resources and business risk factors on a single source of truth

Divisional VP: Busting down siloes and uniting BD, Sales, Operations and Finance around the standard Weekly Rev/Profit Forecast

CASE STUDY: Profitability Potential Unlocked

Our client is a water services provider in public utility, residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings came to us for help. ActionKPI worked with their Assessment Services division to implement an Integrated Business Planning solution, powered by IBM Planning Analytics. The results of the effort yielded hundreds of hours saved by their internal team, and the ability to trust their data to drive strategic decision-making.

Our Non-Negotiable Promises To You

This is what it is like to work with us: 


On-Call Support


Useful Dashboards & Visualizations


User-First Development


Trusted Advisors & Frank Assessments


Access to Consultancy Teams As You Need Them


Quality Service