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We help enterprise unlock hidden profitability through implementing the finance business partner model & FP&A solutions.

Advisory Services

You know you want to “improve your business”, but are unsure where to start. Partner with our team to lead you through workshops to define your roadmap.

System Design & Implementation

You’re looking for a trusted partner to support your analytics journey. Partner with our team to deliver on your xP&A/FP&A and BI initiatives.

Change Management & User Enablement

You’ve invested in new tools, but users are frustrated and don’t know how to use them. Partner with our team to deliver a tailored change management & enablement program.

Managed Support Services

Your team is running at 120% capacity and system support isn’t making the priority list. Partner with our team to augment your team with our system support services.

We do everything you think a tech consultancy would do, but better because:

  • We are a team of CPA/CMAs. Because of this, business outcomes remain front and center, we mould your process and technology around how you measure and drive business performance.
  • Math and modelling are consistent, but industry drivers are different. Start with our industry and modelling experience and blend in your business SMEs to deliver solutions that are adopted and embedded in your process. We love to learn as much as we love to teach!
  • Move beyond the relational database and X & Y axis, think multi-dimensionally.Solutions today are constrained because many people’s thought process and design thinking methodology are built around how things fit into a relational database or rows and columns and pushed to a pretty front end. Let us show you how a Functional Database can unlock what people love about Excel, with the Security, Governance and Scalability your Enterprise needs.
  • 360-degree accountability. We build business relationships based on accountability and delivering results, we are in this journey together. ActionKPI provides Software, Services and Support from beginning to end, Starting with requirements and Design, agile development to User Adoption. Keep your life simple by consolidating your vendor management.

Advisory Services

About Our Advisory Services

Our Advisory services focus on 3 main buckets, that are all interconnected:

Data & Architecture – is your data providing value to your business?

Performance-based Reporting – are you measuring the right metrics?

Integrated Business Planning – is your team planning by using the same information?


Strategy – Every initiative needs to tie to your organization’s strategy. We first align with senior leaders to understand the Long Range Plan and how it’s measured.

Current State Analysis – Going a level deeper, we speak with the Business SMEs to learn how the business is running today. Data, Systems, Processes.

Future State Ideation – What is your utopia? We listen to your desired end state and share our expertise to help shape the vision.

Gap Analysis – By understanding where you’re at, where you want to go and the strategy behind it, we build out gaps and align on your top priorities.

Roadmap – The plan on how we execute and achieve your vision, based on risk, time to deliver value, resources, and cultural factors.

System Design & Implementation

About Our System Design & Implementations

Where rubber meets the road. The roadmap is defined, now its time to execute.

Data Warehousing & Integrations – On prem, Cloud, Hybrid, your systems can live anywhere but you still need a centralized repository for reporting. We’ll help you get set up!

Business Intelligence – you’re ready to implement a new BI tool, or expand the capability of your current tool. PowerBI, Cognos Analytics, Tableau – we’ve got you covered.

FP&A and xP&A – Whether you’re starting off with modernizing your budget/forecast process or ready for Beyond Budgeting and Operational P&Ls, let’s introduce you to one of our Profitability Architects.


Ask us about the Profit Insight Approach, ActionKPI’s Watergile methodology. (Watergile = Waterfall + Agile)

Change Management & User Enablement

About Our Change Management & User Enablement Services

You’ve built an airplane, but didn’t train any pilots. Solutions are only successful if your team know how to fly. We listen to the frustrations and lean in on the user experience to ensure your investment in technology delivers the expected return.


Gather User Feedback – Through Surveys and Interviews, give users the opportunity to be heard in either an anonymous or identified way; whatever makes them more comfortable. Honesty here is key.

Identify the Root Cause – Determine if frustrations arise from an issue with how the system was built, or if there’s an opportunity for improved user training

Tailored Change Management Approach – training is not one size fits all. We work to provide a program to increase user satisfaction.

Documentation – If one person asks a question, there’s at least 5 people that aren’t asking. Learn from every users experience and compile a self-service FAQ.

Managed Support Services

About Our Managed Support Services

You’re operating a lean team and need specific expertise or maybe your team is at capacity and could use some support in maintaining systems and fulfilling enhancement requests.


ActionKPI Support Portal – your organization’s dedicated support portal to log tickets and request enhancements

ActionKPI “Backyard” Support Services – Forget about offshore, nearshore etc. At ActionKPI, you’ll be speaking with a team member that’s close by. Don’t worry, we won’t actually be in your backyard unless we get invited to the BBQ… just saying)



Microsoft Dynamics GP

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Microsoft PowerBI

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Microsoft SQL Server

SAP Success Factors

IBM Cognos Analytics

Oracle Data Warehouse

Workday HCM

IBM Controller

Oracle Peoplesoft

Zoho CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Oracle Hyperion

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Ask us about the Integrated Profitability Program which is a combination of Software, Services and Support bundled together as one holistic offering to deliver Integrated Business Planning.

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