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We’re a growing team and we pack a punch. Our drive pushes us to work together and execute seamlessly. If you value a team that works well together, does great work and enjoys spending time with one another, view our available roles and apply today.

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Welcome to Life at ActionKPI

Thrive Together

Accountability, Teamwork, and Empathy. Working together in a respectable manner and having the stamina to get it done

Integrate Excellence

Attention to detail and being laser focused. Always focused on improving and doing our best

Think Multi-Dimensionally

Its not about thinking outside the box, its about thinking from different angles and providing a multi-dimensional perspective to solving problems

Enjoy the Journey

We support each other and no one gets left behind. We are all here to grow and develop, we need to make sure we and our clients have fun as part of the journey

Practice What We Preach

We innovate and apply our learnings internally. Our Profit Insight Approach is at the core of our business & how we measure our own progress and performance

Reframe The Status Quo

We bring in innovation forward by continually challenging the accepted models, questioning everything and finding flaws in thinking and methodology, and proposing a stronger vision


Open Roles

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About Our Team at ActionKPI

At ActionKPI, we take pride in knowing that all our employees are close-knit and can lean on each other for support at any time. New employees from all backgrounds are openly welcomed. While work is important, we believe our team is more important and put every effort into them feeling that way.

We strive to be pioneers in the community and provide support where we can such as fundraising for our local children’s hospital, fostering pets, and working with universities to mentor students to build a stronger future.

“I joined ActionKPI as an Intern a year ago and I have been given multiple opportunities to grow and develop my marketing skillset within the company. The team has been supportive of my development, and learning and has cultivated an inclusive and positive environment.”
Yasina Jinnah

Jr Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“Everyone is on the same page, we are all there for the same reason because we want to do things well and bring value to the people we are working with.”
Tom Cook - AKA Duke of Data

“What really unites us is that we really work well and we enjoy spending time with each other, everyone has a good sense of humor which makes working here extremely enjoyable.”
Paul Wheeler

“We are a group that shares the same passion, same focus and always want to be part of something great as a business. We enjoy each other and that helps us gets stuff done.”
Mitch Weir

Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity Commitment

A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the business, feel equally involved in and supported in all areas of the workplace. We are continuing to build and foster a diverse workplace because we know that different backgrounds provide unique insights and new perspectives. We are committed to equal opportunities in the workplace, which ensure all of our colleagues have the same access to employment and promotion based on transparent criteria such as skill levels, performance, and competencies.

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